You Are But You Are Not

Identity system & Web-app on the theme of borders and migration for the city of Bolzano.

YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT is a project by the geographer Kolar Aparna and the artist Beatrice Catanzaro and is curated and produced by Lungomare.

The authors interconnect research on migration with cultural production and move between reality and fiction. As a result of the participative research (civil society, activists, NGO’s representatives,…), they created an audio guide that aims to offer a reflective journey filtered by emotions produced by asylum procedures.

For this project we designed a Dynamic Identity that reflects singular points of view and trajectories in the context of fluctuant borders. For the audio-auide we deleloped a Progressive Web App that serves both as a permanent trace of the project and as a visual support for the audience.

What we did
  • Art direction
  • Dynamic identity
  • Print design
  • User interface design
  • App development